Fanatics has developed strategies for all stages of the employee lifecycle, including hiring, onboarding, engaging, developing, and advancing. Our goal is to foster an environment where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and connection, and feels seen, heard, and valued.

In this spirit, we have developed strategies to move us forward on this journey to build a culture of inclusion within our workforce and communities.


Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Advocacy (IDEA)

We partner across our business to deliver transparent, fair and inclusive processes, free from discrimination of any form. Our aim is to build an inclusive Fanatics community, reflecting and representing society and the communities where we work, providing opportunities for all to succeed and grow.

IDEA isn’t just about race or gender, it’s about what you can and can’t see: race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, age, religion, sexual orientation, family status, educational background, culture, experiences, veteran status, physical abilities, physical appearance, neurodiversity, and more.

Our progress will be an evolution, and will take time, but we will learn and adapt each and every day.

Our Global Inclusion team is dedicated to setting cross-functional strategies, measuring goals, and being held accountable for our Company’s commitment to IDEA.

Our approach
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We believe in the power of representation and diversity of thought. We partner with numerous organizations to cast a wide net and attract a diverse pool of candidates for full-time positions and internships.

We have a competitive and comprehensive benefits package that support a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce.


Our employees have access to world class leadership and development training, which includes the importance of Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, and Advocacy.

We train all hiring managers on the importance of unconscious bias and building a culture of curiosity and open-mindedness.


We are committed to increasing the number of diverse suppliers in our procurement strategy.

We know that a diverse supply chain can strengthen our business, improve the fan experience and support our communities.

If you have questions about procurement and want to partner with Fanatics, send us a note.

In our own voices

What does IDEA mean to us? We asked that very same question to our employees across the globe. These words and phrases are how we define Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, and Advocacy.


Fanatics Affinity/Ally Networks (FANs)

At Fanatics, our FANs are designed to support a diverse workforce and drive a more inclusive culture.

The list below is the current set of U.S.-based groups with global enterprise-wide membership open to all employees. Each group sets their own agenda and initiatives with resource support from the Global Inclusion team. We value the talent, voices and insights that each group brings to drive change in the organization and business improvements.

  • Women FANS
  • Family First FANS
  • Black FANS
  • Multicultural FANS
  • Pride FANS